My style icon, Snufkin. Outfits inspired by The Moomins’ vagabond character


There is something truly fascinating about how fictional characters can inspire our lives. When I was younger, I often found myself dreaming of becoming the character of the book I read or the film I watched.

And so Snufkin, the introverted vagabond character from The Moomins, stole my heart when I was about five years old. He actually was the main reason I watched that TV series. I wanted to be like him, wear that hat and travel the world. He was smart and mysterious, played the harmonica, smoked a pipe and knew everything. He was the idealistic definition of freedom for my childhood self.

Twenty years later, even though I am not obsessing over Moomins or Snufkin anymore, I am still inspired by this character to the point where I would call him my style icon (I also wouldn’t mind to wander south and spend the winter far from the London’s cold and moody weather).

Green is definitely not my favourite colour to wear, however, I find Snufkin’s outfit both stylish and practical. Layering is always a good idea, especially if, like me, you commute on a daily basis and heavy coats or wool sweaters are just too much even when it’s cold outside. And have I mentioned his backpack? Yes, he mastered the art of packing light.

Have a look at the Snufkin-inspired outfits I put together to get you into his nomadic state of mind. Snufkin was an advocate for a minimalist lifestyle and hated all rules, so there’s no style guide you need to follow, just keep it comfy and warm. Oh, and maybe accessorise with a pipe.


Modern Snufkin 

Field Green Parka (£345),  Safari Hat (£45), J Brand skinny cargo pants (£220), New Look sweater (£17,99), Topshop necklace (£8,50), Timberland boots (£115), Brackish shawl (£118), Whistles Suede Backpack (£180)


Snufkin and the city

Boohoo mom jeans (£20), Posh Parka (£70), Marjana Von Berlepsch bracelet (£195), MHL wool beanie (£35), River Island jumper (£35), Essex Glam ankle boots (£19,99), Catbird Lovecat bronze ring (£30)


Arty Snufkin

Boohoo faux fur parka (£65), River Island ripped mom jeans (£42), Boohoo jumper (£26), Paul Smith Chelsea boots (£385), Xenab Lone drawstring backpack (£195), Sterling silver and Labradorite harvest moon ring (£22), FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Camera Black (£64,95)






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