Top Must-See Fashion Exhibitions in London

Let me start with a confession. I am a huge museum nerd and I am not at all ashamed of it. I just can’t imagine exploring a new city without visiting at least one of its museums, and usually I won’t stop until I see every single object in the whole building. A few years ago, I spent literally seven hours on feet during my visit to the The Art Institute of Chicago and even though I could barely walk the next day, everything I saw there was definitely worth the pain.

With all the museums, art galleries and pop-up exhibitions, there is no better place to live or visit for a museum freak than London. A majority of the main art institutions such as The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and, my favourite place in the world,  Victoria & Albert Museum offer free entrance to their permanent displays.

It’s the temporary exhibitions, however, that often are the most anticipated and celebrated events and attract the visitors’ attention. Sure, the tickets are quite expensive, but I believe art is never a waste of money and these expositions hardly ever disappoint.

If you are visiting London and don’t want to miss any of the current fashion exhibitions, have a look at my must-see list below. I hope this post will inspire you to see at least one of these collections, I am definitely going to book my tickets for all of them!


  • HAIR By Sam McKnight at Somerset House. A major exhibition celebrating 40-year fashion career of one of the world’s most accomplished hair stylists, Sam McKnight, open until March 12, 2017.
Photo: Somerset House
  • The Vulgar, Fashion Redefined at Barbican. Meant to challenge the perception of bad taste, exciting display of over 120 objects including works of Christian Dior, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Elsa Schiaparelli and Louis Vuitton, open until February 5, 2017.
Photo: Barbican
  • You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 at V&A. A major exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum that invites the visitors to travel in time all the way back to the late 1960s and learn how that particular time period influenced some of the greatest music of the 20th century alongside unforgettable creations in fashion and design, open until February 26, 2017.
Photo: Victoria & Albert Museum
Photo: Victoria & Albert Museum
  • The 1920s JAZZ AGE: Fashion and Photographs at Fashion and Textile Museum. This glittery and jazzy display of women’s clothing from 1919 to 1929 presents over 150 garments along  colourful illustrations by Gordon Conway  and photographs by Cecil Beaton, Man Ray, and Baron de Meyer highlight the role of photographs and magazines in promoting the 1920s look, open until January 15, 2017.
Photo: Fashion and Textile Museum
  • Fashion Rules Restyled at Kensington Palace. A beautiful collection of clothing items that provides an insight into the wardrobes of The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales. The display explores the way these women navigated the fashion ‘rules’ defined by their royal duties, open until February 2017.
Photo: Kensington Palace



One thought on “Top Must-See Fashion Exhibitions in London

  1. you must be the only person who mentions the HAIR exhibition! i’m going this sunday
    will share my thoughts later if you don’t mind – will visit a few of the ones you’ve suggested


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