Christmas Wish List Part One: Backpacks

Happy December!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to think about the gifts so I thought I would share with you my Christmas wish list. I got a bit too excited about this idea and found so many amazing gifts that I decided to split this mini guide into two parts, starting with my favourite accessory of all times.

If you haven’t figured that out by now, I have a serious backpack obsession that dates back to my infancy. My mom loves to remind me of my, ekhm, interesting sleeping habit that I developed at the age of three: I would refuse to go to sleep if I wasn’t wearing my tiny backpack on my back. I wonder where I travelled in my dreams…

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just strolling around the Christmas market, make sure to check out my top 15 backpack picks!


The Little Black Backpack

The most classic option, a black backpack comes in every imaginable style and shape. My personal favourite for every occasion.




1. New Look Black Quilted Front Pocket Backpack, £22,99

2. Topshop Quited Backpack, £59

3. Ucon Acrobatics, £54,99

4. Brooklyn’s Own by Rocawear, £33,99

5. Even & Odd, £24,99


A splash of colour

A bit ethnic, these backpacks will help you express your wild nature and arty soul. I am sure they will fit a camera or your travel paint brushes.



6. ROXY Savanna Cay, £50

7. ROXY Snow backpack £65

8. The Pack Society, £49,99

9. Vans, £64,99

10. ROXY Across the Universe, £54


Put a string on it

Gone are the days when you only wore your fitness clothes to the gym and the same applies to your sports drawstring backpack. Wear it all day, every day.



11. New Look Silver Metallic Drawstring Backpack, £12,99

12. ROXY Light As A Feather, £16

13. H&M Sports bag, £14,99

14. Adidas Originals, £35,69

15. Vans Butterly Benched Bag, £15,00


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