What to wear in London in winter

Photo: @coffeeandhyacinths

London has always been my dream city. I grew reading books and watching films set in this city. I always imagined it as a rainy and foggy place. I mean, come on, isn’t that what everyone thinks before coming here?

Anyway, when I first arrived in London nearly four years ago in April, I was unpleasantly surprised how cold it was. Don’t get me wrong, I know what cold is, I spent 23 winters of my life in Poland, but I didn’t exactly expect wearing two sweaters under my jacket in May!

Funnily enough, it doesn’t rain here as much as everyone thinks and the fog actually appears very rarely. The most annoying thing about the weather here (at least for me) is that it constantly changes throughout the day. As a result, I never leave home without an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and an extra scarf. Also, I find the wind the hardest thing to get used to here as it can make even a warm day annoyingly chilly.

Photo: @coffeeandhyacinths

If you have tickets booked to London and are confused about packing, you can have a look at the mini-guide I have prepared for you. The list is by no means exhaustive and is mainly meant to inspire your packing list.

However, make sure you wear a lot of layers, as you will be quite often entering different places, so no need for your fur jacket, but maybe bring a warm cardigan. The temperatures in London in winter typically vary between 6ºC and 10ºC  with quite humid air and, you guessed it, it’s pretty windy, so bonus points for a hooded jacket.

So, what else do you need? See the list below.


Winter Coat

A slightly more elegant option, but who likes to look like a tourist all the time.

Classic Coat (navy), New Look, £44,99 / Masculine Coat, ZARA, £89,99 / Short CoatShort Coat, VILA, £109,99 

Down Jacket

Light and warm, this is a perfect option, especially if you are going to travel by tube a lot.

Ultra Light Down Parka, Uniqlo, £49,90 / Real Down Puffer Jacket, Topshop, £85 / Down Jacket, Esprit, £69,99

Waterproof  Jacket/ An Umbrella

Be prepared to use both, most likely at the same time.

Raina Printed Waterproof Coat, Joules,£64,99 / Superslim Umbrella, Accessorize, £12 / Wyndfall 3-in-1 Parka-Style Coat, Joules, £149



For all these windy days, just make sure it stay on.

Beanie, ROXY, £16 / Wool-blend Headband, H&M, £6,99 / Fedora Hat, Accessorize, £29,50


Don’t be surprised if the sun suddenly comes out and blinds you, the weather here makes it quite hard to catch up.

Rose Gold Wayfarer Glasses, New Look, £9,99 / Pussy Cat Sunglasses, Superdry, £24,99 / Sunglasses, H&M, £7,99


Don’t be fooled – they make a very stylish accessory but also can be used as an extra layer if it’s really windy outside.

Oversized Scarf, ASOS, £18 / Scarf, Mint&Berry, £13,99 / Dip-dye Scarf, H&M, £7,99


Choose the most comfortable option and be prepared for a lot of walking. London is huge and you don’t want to miss a thing!

Knee-high Boots, ALDO, £120 / Casual Boots, Clarks, £60 / Boots, Buffalo, £79,99


Let your phone rest for a bit and experiment with some fun cameras.

Diana F+ Without Flesh, Lomography.com, £39 / Canon EOS 70D, £494,99 / Lomo’Instant Wide Central Park + Lenses, Lomography.com, £221



All will come in handy at some point, trust me.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, Amazon.co.uk, £104,49 / Travel Adapter (EU to UK), £3,13 / Power Bank, Energizer, £29,99

If you are looking for backpack inspiration, head over to one of my older posts. I have also written about packing light here. Hope you enjoy your stay in London and let me know if you have any questions!

london landmarks22222.jpg
Photo: @coffeeandhyacinths



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